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Interpretation of dream: Table

A table can represent spiritual judgement and legislation. As a dividing line between those with authority and those without, it signifies a barrier to be crossed. To dream of dealing with a table or list of objects, or perhaps actions, instils a sense of order in our lives. It represents our ability to create order out of chaos. In sitting around a table if rectangular the top end will suggest higher status than the bottom end. A table being a focus for meeting, whether socially or professionally, is usually recognized in dreams as a symbol of decision making. There can be an element of ritual associated with the image of a table. As a place for a family rendezvous, we may consider meals eaten around a table to be an important aspect of family life. In business and professional terms, the boardroom table can also introduce an element of ritual around it such as hierarchy of position. You might also like to consult the entries for Altar, Furniture/Furnishings, Rite/ Ritual and Round Table.