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Interpretation of dream: Hairdresser

In terms of spirituality there is an obvious connection between self-image and beauty; we cannot grow spiritually unless we like ourselves. A hairdresser in dreams may also signify that our ego needs some attention. Psychologically and intellectually, the hairdresser can represent the healer within us. Developing an intimate yet objective relationship, with ourselves or others, can be valuable and a hairdresser appearing in dreams would signify this. In dreams the hairdresser may appear as the part of ourselves that deals with self-image and the way we feel about ourselves. We perhaps need to consider ways in which we can change our image or how we look at things. For many women, her hairdresser is someone with whom she can communicate freely. In her dreams, therefore, this will represent freedom of speech. In a mans dream, as grooming becomes more important, his hairdresser will suggest a feel-good factor.