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Interpretation of dream: Gate

The gate in dreams is a potent image of the transition between the physical and spiritual realms, not just in the sense of death, but also as we learn more about spirituality. It is used as a 'gateway' for communication, and as a visualization before sleep can help us to access much information. It will sometimes signify the half-aware hypnogogic and hynopompic states between sleeping and waking. Dreaming of a gate usually signifies some kind of change, often in awareness. We are passing a threshold in our lives, perhaps trying something different or moving from one phase of life to another. Often the awareness of change is highlighted by the type of gate. For instance, a farm gate would tend to indicate a work change, whereas a garden gate might represent pleasure. In everyday life the image of passing through some kind of barrier appears often in dreams. An ornate gate might suggest a somewhat structured change, whereas an old gate, particularly if it is broken, suggests a well-worn way of working, which may need updating. Also consult the entries for Barrier and Door.