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Interpretation of dream: Fire

Being aware of the heat of a fire is to be aware of someone elses strong feelings. Baptism by fire signifies a new awareness and awakening of spiritual power and transformation created sometimes through extremes of emotion. Fire is a valid Western symbol of the spiritual energy known as Kundalini, which rises from the base of the spine to the crown of the head and brings with it a shift in perception. A fire bucket, as with any hollow vessel, can represent the feminine principle. Psychologically, fire often appears in dreams as a symbol of cleansing and purification. We can use the life-giving and generative power to change our lives. Sometimes fire indicates the need to use our sexual power to good effect. To dream of being burnt alive may express our fears of a new relationship or phase of life. We may also be conscious that we could suffer for our beliefs. As a symbol, the fire bucket indicates that we may have a situation around us that is out of control. The interpretation will depend on whether the bucket is full or empty for it is often only by a display of 'dampening' emotion that there can be any progress. Fire in a dream can suggest passion and desire in its more positive sense, and frustration, anger, resentment and destructiveness in its more negative. It will depend on whether the fire is controlled or otherwise on the exact interpretation. To be more conscious of the flame of the fire would be to be aware of the energy and strength that is available to us. A fire basket draws our attention to the fact that these energies can be contained; whereas a fire bucket, particularly if it is filled with sand, suggests such energies should be smothered.