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Interpretation of dream: Farm

A farmyard is an enclosure in which we may feel safe and, to some extent, looked after. Dreaming of such a place shows that we are within safe Spiritual boundaries. Our natural drives such as a need for physical comfort, herd behaviour and territorial rights are best expressed in a safe, conserving environment, symbolized by the rural idyll of a farm. As time goes on the image of a farm or farmyard is superceded by the commercial requirements of a working farm, analogous with our own working environment. To be in a farmyard in a dream (if it is not a memory) shows us as being in touch with the down-to-earth side of ourselves. There are many facets of behaviour that can be interpreted in animal terms and often this type of dream has more much impact than one including people. The agricultural environment is an easy way to learn about procreation and conservation. In both mens and womens dreams a farm or farmyard may symbolize such issues. You might like to consult the entry for Animals for further qualification.