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Interpretation of dream: Face

Traditionally the face represented, or rather symbolized, the basic powers of the Soul; the eyes are the mirror, the mouth represents expression, the forehead knowledge. We learn most about people from their faces, so to be particularly conscious of faces in dreams suggests that we may be seeking knowledge or information not otherwise available to us. If any part of the face seems particularly prominent or outstanding that should be interpreted separately. To concentrate on somebody elses face in a dream is an attempt to understand the outward personality. To be looking at our own face reflected in a mirror means that we may be trying to come to terms with the way we express ourselves in the ordinary, everyday world. We may also be attempting to understand our own ulterior motives. When the face is hidden or has no features, we are hiding our own power, or refusing to acknowledge our own abilities. Consult the entries for Eyes, Hair, Head and Mouth in Body for further clarification.