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Interpretation of dream: Egg

The life principle and the germ of all things are said to be contained in the Cosmic Egg, which spiritually represents our potential and power to be perfect. We have a sense of wonder to do with the miracle of life, and a realization that there is much to plan - a gestation period - before we can enjoy life to the full. We may have to withdraw and contemplate before we can undertake new learning experiences. The egg is the symbol of unrealized potential, of possibilities yet to come, so to dream of an egg indicates that we have not made ourselves fully conscious of our natural abilities. To be eating an egg shows the need to take in certain aspects of newness before we can fully explore a different way of life. For a woman, an egg will usually have links with fertility, whether her own or someone else?s. In a man?s dream an egg more often suggests potential. Also consult the entry for Easter Egg.