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Interpretation of dream: Bat

A flying bat can represent discernment or obscurity of a spiritual kind. The meaning is often ambiguous, but being a nocturnal animal usually veers towards the negative interpretation. The vague unpleasantness may also suggest some idiosyncrasy within ourselves. A bat used in sports has the same interpretation as a weapon or tool. To dream of bats attacking us shows the need to confront our fears of madness. Because of their mouselike bodies and birdlike wings, bats are seen as having a dual nature. When the image is of a sports bat, such as cricket or baseball bat, the suggestion is that we are not able to use implements without some kind of training. To dream of using such a bat indicates a learnt degree of competence. Because popular belief has it that bats are frightening, to dream of bats indicates that there are thoughts and ideas within the unconscious that may reveal themselves with frightening potential. Dreaming of a cricket bat or other such implement will give an indication of our attitude to controlled aggression, or to how we deal with external forces. You might like to consult the entries for Mouse in Animals, Birds, Games, Tools, Vampire and Weapons.