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Interpretation of dream: Balloon

A balloon has a similar connotation as the sphere and the ball from a spiritual perspective but with the added symbolism of 'light spirited' joy, or indeed the spirit rising. Thus an ascending balloon - whether it is childs or hot-air - suggests that you may be making some kind of transition in your life. Balloons were once made of pig?s bladders and were used by the court jester to lighten up the atmosphere around the king and to remind him that he was human. In dreams they may introduce a note of fun amid seriousness. A descending balloon suggests that there is a situation in life in which you need to be grounded and practical. Very often it is the colour of balloons in our dreams which are important. The number of balloons may also be significant, indicating a party mood or a celebration. A deflating or deflated balloon suggests that the energy has run out of a particular project. Consult the entries for Colour and Numbers for further clarification.