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Interpretation of dream: Anvil

The anvil is an attribute of the forge Gods such as Thor, Vulcan and Hephaestos. The symbolism is that of forging new life, creating new beginnings and so on, so signifies creativity in its rawest sense. As an image associated with the spark of life and of initiation, the anvil was once a very potent symbol. As time progresses, other objects, more pertinent to the times in which we live, appear in dreams, but the anvil will still appear as we return to basics. Depending on the dream circumstances, the anvil can represent the basic force of nature, brute force or a way of creating an initial spark. By creating a situation in our lives where we are going to be tried and tested, we are pitting ourselves against natural forces. In both male and female dreams the anvil can be seen as a form of resistance which allows us to use our individual creativity to fashion our lives.