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Interpretation of dream: Advice

We all have an inner awareness. The Higher Self or spiritual part of ourselves will often manifest itself as a figure that is giving advice, sometimes a figure of authority or a parental figure. In dreams, accepting advice helps us to acknowledge the need for change perhaps to be doing something you don?t necessarily want to do. Giving advice is recognizing that you are aware that you have information that can be helpful to others. Receiving advice in a dream means we should consider guidance from within, possibly from a part of ourselves that is unrecognized. A little thought will usually reveal which circumstances in our daily lives are under consideration. In a mans dream, if he is receiving advice from a woman he may find it helpful to identify with which aspect of his Anima he is working. In a womans dream, she may wish to consider her Animus as an ally rather than as an opponent. Additional information can be gleaned by reading Archetypes in the Introduction and the entry for Family.