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Interpretation of dream: Canary birds
Canary birds

To dream of this sweet songster, denotes unexpected pleasures.For the young to dream of possessing a beautiful canary, denotes high class honors and a successful passage through the literary world, or a happy termination of love*s young dream. To dream one is given you, indicates a welcome legacy. To give away a canary, denotes that you will suffer disappointment in your dearest wishes. To dream that one dies, denotes the unfaithfulness of dear friends. Advancing, fluttering, and singing canaries, in luxurious apartments, denotes feasting and a life of exquisite refinement, wealth, and satisfying friendships.If the light is weird or unnaturally bright, it augurs that you are entertaining illusive hopes.Your over-confidence is your worst enemy. A young woman after this dream should beware, lest flattering promises react upon her in disappointment.Fairy-like scenes in a dream are peculiarly misleading and treacherous to women.