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Interpretation of dream: Drawning

The interpretation of the dream drowning could be one of a number of reasons. It is not always a bad sign to dream of drowning, whether the person is dreaming of themselves drowning or another person. Usually dreaming this can be because of a fear. It’s the subconscious way of letting your body and mind know you are afraid of something. The fear however may have nothing to do with water or with drowning. Another reason that could be for this dream could mean the person has unresolved emotions. The emotions could be due to the loss of someone drowning in their life, or it could be totally unrelated to that. It could be due to unresolved emotions in a relationship or lack of closure in one. Old issues that have not been properly delt with could be the cause of this type of dream. The issues could be from childhood or in early adulthood. A current crisis happening in a person’s life could lead to this dream. The more traumatic the crisis is, the more dramatic the dream will be and the more often it will occur will depend on about intense the crisis it. Also the release of old issues could be a cause of the drowning dream. Letting them go and having the dream right away could be a possibility or even after letting the issues go a long period before having the dream. Also dealing with problems in a negative way could be the cause for this dream. The situation could be a simple problem. It could also be however a more complex problem. In any case they way the problems are delt with are not in a good light.