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Interpretation of dream: Choke

Choking in a dream generally bears a negative significance referring to eventual health disorders or misfortune in one's waking life. If you feel that you run out of air in your dream this may be a metaphor for feeling overwhelmed or overcome by a situation in reality. If you choke with an object in the dream, the object may stand for certain situations, events, things you find 'hard to swallow' in the waking life and you prefer to avoid or ignore rather than deal with. The dream may also stand for a relationship of any kind in which you feel smothered and controlled, therefore your partner(s) literally 'choke' you. It may be the relationship with your lover, with a member of family or a close friend which has limited your freedom and has turned you into a victim. If in your dream you are the one to choke another individual, the interpretation is reversed - you may be the 'tyrant' who wants to control and oppress people you have relationships with. Choking someone with a towel, pillow etc. in your dream may denote the aggressive and dominative side of your nature. On the other hand, you may desperately want to break free of a situation/relationship which has kept you captive for too long. There may also be all about a certain part of your self you cannot control but you strive to subordinate to your reason. Other possible interpretation of asphyxiation dreams is closely connected to your incapability of expressing your feelings in the waking life. Consequently, your feelings and emotions 'strangle' your subconscious and your dreams. Consequently, choking in your dream may also stand for your inability to express your feelings and emotions, which cause you to become all choked up.