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Interpretation of dream: Walls

To see a wall in your dream, signifies limitations. obstacles and boundaries. There is a barrier obstructing your progress. You may be too accustomed to your old habits and way of thinking. To dream that you jump over a wall, suggests that you will overcome tough obstacles with success. To dream that you demolish or break down a wall, indicates that you are breaking through obstacles and overcoming your limitations. It also means that you desire some freedom and independence. If you see a wall crumble, then it suggests that you have easily risen above your problems and overcame your barriers. To dream that you are building a wall, represents a bad relationship or some childhood trauma. It also suggest that you have accepted your limitations. To dream that you are hiding behind a wall, suggests that you ashamed in acknowledging your connections. To dream that you are being thrown or shot through a wall, literally means that you need to breakdown those walls that you have put up around you. You need to venture out and explore.