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Interpretation of dream: Yin and yang
Yin and yang

Perfect Spiritual Balance is created by the energy created between two complementary opposites, the passive feminine principle and the active masculine. Each contains within itself the ?seed? of the other, creating a state of inner stability. This image occurs in dreams when we begin to approach such a state. We are continuously searching for balance, though not necessarily a state of inertia. The yin-yang symbol signifies a state of dynamic potential, the sense that anything is possible. A representation of the Cosmic egg, the beginning of all things, this symbol has become much better known in the last thirty years in the West asthe balance of two complementary opposites. In dreams it indicates the balance between the instinctive, intuitive nature of the feminine and the active, rational nature of the masculine. As a symbol, this will only appear in both men's and women's dreams when a certain state of internal equilibrium is becoming apparent.