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Interpretation of dream: X-rays

Spiritually, an X-ray can symbolize a new clarity that you are about to experience. This ?clear-sightedness? should enable you to move ahead more confidently and face the future with equanimity. Within waking life, it may be that there is something we need to ?see through?. This can be a play on words, in that we need to finish off a task, or we may need to have a very clear view of the situation around us. Dreaming of X-rays can be significant in a number of ways. There may be something influencing your life on an unconscious level which needs to be revealed. If you are carrying out the X-ray it may be necessary to look more deeply into a situation. There may also be a fear of illness, either in yourself or others. This image is obviously more likely to occur when you have health concerns or work in a hospital situation.