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Interpretation of dream: Writing

We may not be consciously aware of our spiritual progression. A manuscript would suggest some aspect of ancient knowledge. Dreaming of writing suggests a subconscious record is being kept. Spiritually our signature is a reflection of ourselves; it is a representation of who we perceive ourselves to be. Writing as a creative art is meaningful, and as a form of self-expression it perhaps allows us to communicate when spoken words are inadequate. In dreams we may learn how to communicate with ourselves in differing ways. Computers are a way of writing just as much as pens. Transcribing information in a dream signifies committing it to memory. At those times when we are arranging legal matters or agreements, but are actually not sure if we are doing the right thing, our signature can appear in dreams as obliterated or illegible. To dream of writing is an attempt to communicate information that we have. Sometimes the instrument we are writing with is important. For instance, a pencil would suggest that the information is less permanent than with a pen. Our signature in a dream suggests that we have an appreciation of ourselves. We are prepared to recognize who we are and to make our mark in the world. Also consult the entries for Ink, Paper/Parchment and Pen/Pencil for further information.