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Interpretation of dream: Worm

?Being given to the worms? is a metaphor for death, so we need to be aware that on a spiritual level changes not necessarily death may shortly be taking place. The worm in dreams can also highlight our feelings of ineffectiveness and insignificance (whether this is about ourselves or others). If the worm is bigger than we are then this would suggest that our own sense of inferiority is a problem. If we are particularly conscious of a wormcast that is, the earth the worm has passed through its body then this is a transformation image and indicates we are capable of changing our lives into something more fertile. Most dreams about worms are fairly ambivalent. The worm is not necessarily seen to be particularly clean, so phrases like ?the worm turning? suggests that we have decided to state our case. A can of worms could be transformative or a difficult mess. Depending on the dreamer's attitude to sexuality and gender, there may be a sense of threat.