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Interpretation of dream: Wizard

The figure of a wizard in dreams is he who has learned to use his powers of manifestation in a dispassionate manner. He is Merlin, the sorcerer and the magician. As a stage on the journey to Wise Old Man, he is a recognizable Archetype. Conventionally pictured in long flowing robes with a long beard, he tends to be seen as somewhat otherworldly. In dreams he appears when we are struggling with the idea of being able to use natural power in a magical way. He usually epitomizes the alchemical idea of transmutation turning the crass into the beautiful. In a workaday environment a wizard is a set of computer instructions which enables you to complete a task. Both practically and magically this image is one that can enable us to use the expertise we inherently possess. In a man's dream the wizard may well represent his own sense of power and control of the energies. In a woman's dream he will suggest the nonemotional use of authority. Consult the entries for Alchemy, Magic/Magician, Wand and Witch as well as the information on Sorcerer in Archetypes in the Introduction.