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Interpretation of dream: Witch

Spiritually a witch is someone who has come to understand the intrinsic power they have and learnt to use it properly. Because this power, which is based in strongly held beliefs and codes of behaviour, is perceived as dangerous there are many ideas as to the protection necessary, such as hanging garlic. The conventional picture of the warty-nosed old crone is actually a personification of malevolence. Any blemish that comes to our attention in dreams can be accepted as evidence of there being a distortion in our view of the world. In dreams we have the opportunity to confront our fears, overcome them and use the power thus generated successfully. In mundane terms we may dream of witches when we do not fully understand the use of personal power. Dreaming of warts, which are often associated with witches, links with that part of ourselves which remains superstitious and afraid of an energy we have not fully comprehended. In dreams a woman will recognize the appearance of the witch as the opportunity to come to terms with the sacred duty she has to pass on her knowledge. A man may use the appearance of the witch to overcome his fears of the powerful woman. Consult the entries for Magic/Magician, Wand and Wizard as well as the information on Witch in Archetypes in the Introduction.