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Interpretation of dream: Wind

Wind signifies the Power of the Spirit and the movement of Life. Just as the Holy Spirit in Christianity was said to be ?a mighty rushing wind?, so such a dream can represent a Divine revelation of some sort. A gale can be symbolic of the spirit we have within us. The intensity and power of our spiritual belief is depicted by a hurricane an unpredictable force. To be winding something up, such as a clock, suggests that we are priming ourselves for action. On a slightly more psychological level, wind in a dream can suggest the beginning of a new, much deeper awareness of ourselves. Since wind in a dream often denotes spiritual matters, if we are conscious of a gale or strong wind we may be taking ourselves too seriously. We are allowing those forces within us, that will lead us forward of their own accord to something else, to have too much meaning. A hurricane can represent the power of our own passion, or passionate belief, which picks us up and carries us along. In dreams, wind symbolizes the intellect. It will depend on the force of the wind how we interpret the dream. For instance, a breeze would suggest gentleness and pleasure. An idea or concept we have is beginning to move us. A gale might indicate a principle we feel passionately about, whereas a north wind might suggest a threat to our security. Actually being in a gale indicates that we are being buffeted by circumstances that we feel are beyond our control. We are allowing those outside circumstances to create problems for us when actually we may need to look at what we are doing and either take shelter to withdraw from the situation or battle through to some form of sanctuary. When we experience a hurricane in a dream, we are sensing the force of an element in our lives that is beyond our control. We may feel we are being swept along by circumstances or possibly someone's passion and are powerless to resist. You might also like to consult the entry for Breeze.