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Interpretation of dream: Win

In spiritual terms a winner is someone who has overcome their own fears and doubts to ?win through? to their own personal excellence. To win in dreams is to be able to acknowledge our own supremacy. To be a champion is to be best overall, to have competed and won. In the everyday world there is much competition and to dream of winning a contract, for instance, may suggest that, though this may not be our normal function, we have done a good job. To win a race signifies we have the application and dedication needed to come out on top. In both men's and women's dreams winning can be a potent image. For a woman to win in a dream when the other competitors are women indicates that she has the right to a high opinion of herself. To win over men can signify that she has overcome her own fears of inadequacy. For a man, winning over other men may suggest he is aware of his abilities. To come in before women highlights his own ability to use the softer skills. Such dreams would need to be carefully interpreted.