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Interpretation of dream: Will

Determination in spiritual matters is represented here. This can also suggest the resolution of a problem with which we have been dealing. We may dream of a will at a time when we need everything to be done properly and with certain levels of correctness. There is the obvious play on words where a will would indicate the will to do or to be the determination to take action, for instance. Because for many making a will is a very final action, in dreams it can indicate a recognition that we are entering a new phase of life. To dream of a will or any legal document is connected with the way in which our unconscious side can push us into taking notice of our inner needs. To be making a will is to be making a promise to ourselves over future action. It may also have overtones of attempting to look after those we love and care about. To inherit from a will means that we need to look at the habits, characteristics and morals we have inherited from our ancestors. You might also like to consult the entry for Inheritance.