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Interpretation of dream: Wild

In a dream to be, or feel, wild often suggests a lack of spiritual control. Within each of us there is a part that dislikes being controlled in any way. It is the part of ourselves that needs to be free, and is creative and independent. Anything that grows wild is not subject to the same constraints which normal society puts upon us, so in this context wildness may signify anarchy and lack of stability. In its more positive sense, there is profusion and promise in whatever we are trying to do. In dreams anything wild always represents the untamed. A wild animal will stand for that aspect of our personality that has not yet committed itself to using rational thought. Depending on whether the dreamer is masculine or feminine, a wild woman will represent the Anima or the Shadow. Also consult the entries for Animals, Flowers, Tame and Weeds, as well as the information on Anima and Shadow in Archetypes in the Introduction.