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Interpretation of dream: Widow

A widow can signify the Crone or Wise Woman and the widower the archetypal Wise Old Man. They have the wisdom of experience. Psychologically we all seek within ourselves complete harmony in partnership. This is a security that allows us to express parts of our personality which are not normally accessible otherwise. Dreaming of being a widow or widower when we are not suggests that we have lost part of ourselves. A husband represents the masculine principle, the drives and ambition, and a wife the intuitive sensitive principle, so to have lost either is to have lost an essential part of the Mystical Union that everyone requires in order to become spiritually complete. Dreaming of being a widow or widower can suggest loss and sadness, but can also suggest the independence of old age. Sometimes such a dream can mark the change in a woman's awareness as she moves towards the ?Crone? or Wise Woman. A woman to dream of a widow highlights her ability to be free and use her own innate wisdom. In a man's dream a widow may signify a deeper understanding of a woman's needs. He may recognize that all women do not necessarily need to become dependent on him. In a woman's dream a widower may signify her awareness that she has a right to companionship without losing her ties to her husband. Consult the entries for Marriage and Wedding/Wedding Dress/Wedding Ring as well as the information on Family in the People entry.