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Interpretation of dream: Well

A well can symbolize a form of contact with the depths possibly the depths of emotion. It is also a symbol for the Abyss, though perhaps less frightening. We can access its vastness through our emotions. The image of a well in a dream suggests our ability to be ?well?. We have the ability to be healed and to fulfil our dearest wish, if we so desire. By putting ourselves in touch with our intuitive, aware selves we open up the potential and possibilities for healing and success. A well in dreams is a way of accessing the deepest resources of feeling and emotion that we have. Without such access we are not going eventually to be whole and completely understanding ourselves. If there is something wrong with the well we cannot reach the water for example it indicates that we are not able to get in touch with our best talents. Consult the entries for Abyss, Emotions and Water for further clarification.