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Interpretation of dream: Weeds

Weeds, by courtesy of their irritating qualities and refusal to be quickly eradicated, symbolize spiritual difficulties. Mental attitudes and old patterns of behaviour that clog us up and do not allow us to move forward can very often be shown in dreams as weeds. We may need to decide which of these weeds are helpful to us that is, which could be composted, transferred into something else and made use of to help positive growth or which need to be thrown away. Often plants growing wild have healing properties and by using these properties we can enhance our lives. Such information can be given intuitively in dreams. Weeds are generally plants that grow on waste ground and their symbolism in dreams reflects this. They may indicate misplaced trust, misplaced energy or even misplaced attempts at success. They do not contribute a tremendous amount to our lives and if allowed to run riot or to overgrow can stop our own positive growth. To be digging up weeds would show that we are aware that by freeing our life of the non-essential, we are creating space for new growth and new abilities. You might like to consult the entries for Garden and Plants.