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Interpretation of dream: Web

The spider's web is the Cosmic Plan. It is within the ?web of life? that the divine powers have interwoven fate and time in order to create a reality in which we can exist. There is a belief that we are the spiritual entrapped within the physical and not able to ?escape? back to our own spiritual realm. When we dream of a web we are linking into one of the most basic of spiritual symbols. Interestingly in today's technological age it will also symbolize a network of communication as in the world wide web on the internet. In dreams this ?web? can stand for our own personal group of friends and acquaintances. In everyday life we may well be caught up in a situation that could trap us. We could be in a ?sticky? situation and not quite know which direction to move. This can result in the symbol of a web appearing in the dream. We are ?caught in the middle? or we are trapped. Because the situation is extremely complex we have no idea which way is going to be most advantageous for us. Consult the entry for Communication for further clarification.