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Interpretation of dream: Weather

Different types of weather may be symbolic of a spiritual response. Sunshine suggests good feeling and happiness, whereas rain might suggest tears. Wind symbolizes the intellect, a windy day might suggest a time for intellectual pursuits. Weather can indicate our internal responses to situations. If, for instance, there was a storm in our dream our emotions would be stormy, perhaps angry and aggressive. If we are watching a very blue, unclouded sky, we may be recognizing that we have the ability to keep the situations that we are in under control. We do possess the ability to control internal moods and emotions that may not have been possible in the past. Being aware of the weather would indicate that we need to recognize that we are part of a greater whole rather than just individuals in our own right. Wedding/Wedding Dress/Wedding Ring Weather, as being part of the ?environment? of the dream, usually indicates our moods and emotions. We are very much aware of changing external situations and have to be careful to adjust our conduct in response to these. You might also like to consult the entries for Emotions, Lightning, Rain, Storm, Thunder/Thunderbolts and Wind.