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Interpretation of dream: Wealth

There is a wealth of spiritual knowledge to be gained, and to dream of pecuniary wealth indicates that this knowledge is within our grasp. Symbols of finance such as accounts or bills suggest that we should record very carefully what we do know and also what we pass on to others. Wealth and status usually go naturally together, so often when we are having problems in dealing with our own status in life we will have dreams about wealth. It can also often indicate the resources that we have or that we can use from other people. We have the ability to draw on our experiences or feelings and to achieve a great deal within the framework of our lives. Our savings may represent resources, either material or emotional, that we have hidden away until such times as they are needed. They can also represent our sense of security and independence. To dream of savings we did not know we had would suggest that we are able to summon up extra energy or time, perhaps by using material or information from the past. Dreaming of being wealthy is to dream of having in abundance those things that we need. We have possibly come though a period where we have put in a lot of effort and to dream of having a great deal of wealth indicates that we have achieved what we have set out to do. A mortgage in dreams can suggest a false sense of security in that we apparently have access to a resource that is only comparative in value and not readily realized. If we are aware of our goal in making savings in a dream we should perhaps be making long-term plans in waking life. If we are giving our savings away, we no longer have need of a particular practical resource. The entries for Debt, Lend/Lending/Loan and Money should help with clarification.