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Interpretation of dream: War

As a symbol, the disintegration of order inherent in war signifies some kind of conflict in us. The natural order is breaking down and identifying the source of the conflict often a difficulty in achieving some kind of balance between the inner and outer selves will help to bring a sense of peace or closure. War is ultimately a way of dealing with distress and discomfort. In theory, the outcome should be the re-establishing of order, but this can often only happen over an extended period of time. In dreams, when war breaks out we are dealing with destructive feelings that cannot easily be expressed in any other way. War is often deliberately engineered rather than spontaneous and tends to have a more global effect than mere skirmishes. It therefore suggests that we need to be fully aware of the consequences that our actions may have on others. Dreams of war will depend on the experiences in waking life of the dreamer. In a woman's dream traditionally she would have been on the periphery though this may no longer be true. In a man's dream he is much more likely to be combative. Additional information might be gleaned by consulting the entries for Argue/Argument, Armed Forces, Conflict and Fight.