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Interpretation of dream: Wand

Obviously a wand works in tandem with magic, so to dream of a wand can symbolize ?magical? powers that may influence us or that we are capable of using. It is only when we fully understand these powers that we can use them effectively. Conventionally the wand is an instrument of supernatural forces, and it is often this image that is the most important. We are aware of some force external to ourselves, which needs harnessing. From an emotional perspective, learning to use and direct the innate power we have gives us the ability to change our circumstances. When we dream of using a wand we are aware of our influence over others. Conversely, if someone else uses a wand we are aware of the power of suggestion, either for negative or for positive within the situation. However, as more people become intrigued by magic it will revert to its older meaning of a magically charged tool. In a woman's dream it is possibly used from a more emotional perspective, whereas in a man's dream its use will be dispassionate. Consult the entries for Magic/Magician, Witch and Wizard for further information.