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Interpretation of dream: Waiting

In developing spiritually we must often learn to wait until the time is right for a particular event. We have to wait for the passage of time and develop patience in the interim. When we become aware that something is expected from us, and other people are waiting for appropriate action, we may need to consider our own leadership qualities in waking life. When we dream of waiting lists such as that for operations we become aware that we must wait our turn, though not necessarily over a health issue. We perhaps feel that we are not sufficiently important. To be waiting for somebody, or something, in a dream implies a need to understand the relevance of anticipation. We may be looking to other people, or outside circumstances, to help us move forward or make decisions. If we are impatient, it may be that our expectations are too high. If we are waiting patiently, there is the understanding that events will happen in their own good time. Consult the entry for Time for further clarification.