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Interpretation of dream: Wail

The making of sounds in mourning is used spiritually to banish bad spirits and summon the good. In dreams, therefore, wailing can suggest that we are trying to get in touch with a power that is greater than ourselves. We should look at what we feel needs ?banishing? from our lives. Wailing is reputed to be a method of summoning the spirits used in ancient times by the Oracles. It is also a long, protracted way of releasing emotions. When we hear someone wailing in a dream, we become conscious of another person's sadness. When we ourselves are wailing in dreams, we may be allowing ourselves an emotional release which would not be seen to be appropriate in everyday life. We may be attempting to make contact with a part of ourselves that has stopped functioning. It may also be a way of expressing frustration that we have not yet consciously recognized. You might also like to consult the entries for Emotions, Mourning and Weeping.