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Interpretation of dream: Volcano

A volcano is representative of spiritual deeply held passion. This can sometimes erupt with frightening results, if we do not learn to express ourselves properly. Frustration often gives rise to the image of an active volcano. An erupting volcano usually signifies that we are not in control of a situation or of our emotions of which there may be a hurtful release. If the lava is more noticeable, feelings will run very deep. If the lava has cooled there has been a deep passion that has now cooled off. If the explosiveness is more noticeable, and seems more recent, anger may be more prominent. The image of a volcano in dreams is a very telling one, partly because of its unpredictability. To dream of a volcano being extinct can indicate either that we have ?killed off ? our passions, or that a difficult situation has come to an end. This may be one that has been around for some time. You might like to consult the entries for Eruption and Explode/Explosion.