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Interpretation of dream: Voice

The Voice of God is a term that is used to describe the energy and seriousness of a summons a call to spiritual duty. A voice that speaks through, or to, us as in trance work (an altered state of consciousness) has two areas of significance. Through us suggests information for others, whereas to us is more personal. If we believe in the spirit realm, this is communication from a discarnate spirit. More psychologically, when we suppress certain parts of our personalities they may surface in dreams as disembodied voices. This does not constitute a form of madness. The voice is a tool that we use to express ourselves. We all have inner awareness of our own state that is sometimes difficult to disclose. In dreams we are frequently able to use our voices in more appropriate ways, for instance in singing and chanting, which we would not normally do in waking life. Many times we are spoken to in dreams so that we remember the information given.