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Interpretation of dream: Victim

If we are repressing our ability to develop spiritual potential, we will experience ourselves in a dream as a victim, often of our own doing. When we are continually creating ?no-win? situations this tendency is highlighted in dreams, but may be done so somewhat dramatically. We may find we are victims of burglary, rape or murder, for instance. These will not necessarily be precognitive dreams apart from alerting us to the potential to become a victim. The nature of our particular difficulty may reveal itself through the dream content. In dreams we are often aware of something happening to us over which we have no control. We are the victim in the sense that we are passive or powerless within the situation. Sometimes we are aware that we are treating others incorrectly. We are making them victims of our own internal aggression, and not handling ourselves properly in waking life. You might also like to consult the entries for Burglar, Intruder and Martyr.