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Interpretation of dream: Vault

A vault represents the meeting place of the spiritual and physical. Consequently a vault can also symbolize death, though this may not necessarily be a physical death but rather a leaving behind of non-essential material. Collective wisdom (or the Collective Unconscious information available to all of us) often remains hidden until a real effort is made to uncover the knowledge available. While a vault can represent a tomb, it also represents the ?archives? or records to which we all have access. As a transition image it suggests darkness and perhaps fear of the unknown. In dreams any dark, hidden place suggests sexual potency or the unconscious. It can also represent our store of personal resources, those things we learn as we grow and mature. To be going down into a vault represents our need to explore those areas of ourselves that have become hidden. We may also need to explore our attitude to death. You might also like to consult the entries for Catacomb/Crypt, Death and Tomb.