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Interpretation of dream: Tug of war
Tug of war

A spiritual tug of war suggests the need to resolve the conflict between two polarities and make intelligent informed spiritual choices. A tug of war may indicate the need to maintain balance through tension between opposites. To be on the winning side suggests that what we wish to achieve can be managed with help. To be on the losing side requires us to identify the parallel situation in everyday life and decide whether to continue. To dream of a tug of war suggests a conflict between good and bad, male and female, positive and negative any two opposites. In everyday life our personal ethics may be at odds with the ethics of the group we belong to. In both men's and women's dreams a tug of war may represent a degree of tension between the more assertive side of the personality and the more passive. Much information can be gained by noting whether the two teams are male, female or mixed. You might also like to consult the entries for Balance, Conflict, Lose/Loss/Lost and Win/Winning.