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Interpretation of dream: Trunk

Dreaming of a trunk has the same connotation as a treasure chest and indicates that spiritually we need to explore our hidden depths and the knowledge we have stored in order to get the best out of ourselves. We have the ability to store all sorts of rubbish, useful or not both physically and mentally. When a trunk appears in a dream it is time to ?open the box? and have the courage to sort out what is there, what we can keep and what we can now reject. Often, when we should do this but do not do so, the image of the trunk will appear over and over again in different dreams. To find a jewel in a trunk indicates the good that can be found in doing a personal spring-clean. In previous times to dream of a trunk was supposed to foretell a long journey. Nowadays, as people tend to travel light, it is much more likely to represent the baggage that we have accumulated in our day-to-day life. An elephant's trunk, by association with the idea that elephants never forget, could signify memories. Consult the entries for Animals, Baggage, Box, Chest/Box, Gems/Jewels, Luggage and Treasure for additional information.