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Interpretation of dream: Trophy

A trophy would signify a Peak Experience (having moved into an expanded state of awareness) in order to achieve a spiritual goal. Formerly, trophies such as animal heads were much sought after. This is no longer so, but the symbolism of overcoming our basic fears, inadequacies and idiosyncrasies in order to achieve and be rewarded still remains. Dreaming of a trophy is to recognize that we have done something for which we can be rewarded. It depends on what the trophy is for as to its significance. The trophy will take on the significance of the object being presented. A cup would suggest receptivity and a shield, protection. A common dream that men have is the presentation of a football cup. They are the ?first among men?. Women will give trophies a totally different connotation and will give symbolism to a much more individual memento. You might also like to consult the entries for Cup, Shield and Win/Winning.