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Interpretation of dream: Trio

Spiritually any group of three e.g. triplets or a musical trio appearing in dreams symbolizes The Divine Trinity. Events or situations should be looked at carefully in terms of physical wants, emotional needs and spiritual requirements, then there can be the development of spiritual stability. Negative energy challenged three times is banished. The triangle in dreams can represent the family mother, father and child with all its attendant relationships. It then represents emotional stability. It can also suggest the process of realization making something tangible. Anything in triplicate or repeated three times in dreams signifies an enhanced sense of awareness. In magic, any ill wish is returned to the originator threefold. In mundane terms, when there are three similar articles in dreams, they represent body, mind and spirit. If one of the three is different to the others, what is different will give information that we require to help us. You might also like to consult the entries for Family, Magic/Magician and Numbers.