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Interpretation of dream: Trickster

This is the spiritually irresponsible part of our nature. We have not yet put ourselves on the correct spiritual path and need to do so. Psychologically, if we have been too rigid in our attitude to life for instance, struggling to be good the whole time or always taking a moral stance the trickster can appear in dreams as a counter-balance. When we are under stress this personage can present himself in dreams as the character who points us in the wrong direction, answers questions with the wrong answers etc. In dreams, the trickster is literally that part of ourselves that can create havoc and chaos in our lives. A kind of practical joker, possibly presenting as the jester or fool, he symbolizes the anarchic aspect of the personality. It is our choice as whether we choose to confront or integrate him. Consult the entries for Chaos and Joke/Joker as well as the information on Villain in Archetypes.