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Interpretation of dream: Trial

A trial in the spiritual sense is anything that tests our spiritual beliefs and understanding to the limits. Often such a dream will highlight our weakest points sometimes ways in which we can be most judgemental in which case we have the opportunity to reach more understanding in waking life. To dream of a scenario where we are being prosecuted suggests that we feel that authority has us on trial and we must justify ourselves, usually from an emotional perspective, but sometime in our actions or demeanour. Trial by ordeal, such as the supposed witched went through in previous times, appearing as a dream image signifies that we may be feeling persecuted. When in waking life we are on trial, such as on probation at the beginning of a job, images of legality such as justice, judges and so on can appear in dreams. Understanding the relevance of these images can help us o overcome our own doubts. You might also like to consult the entries for Judge/Judgement, Juror/Jury and Justice for further clarification.