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Interpretation of dream: Trap

Spiritually we are holding ourselves back. We may also be aware of being trapped by the restrictions of the physical body. As we gain in spiritual knowledge, the wider perspective makes us more aware, particularly in dreams, of our lack of freedom. When we feel trapped in dreams, we are not usually able to break free of old patterns of thought and behaviour. We need outside help. The type of trap will give an indication of our psychological state. A gin trap would, therefore, suggest something is biting us and, rather obviously, a box trap that we are restricted in thought. We can gain insight into what is restricting us by taking careful note of our surroundings if we are trapped or locked in a room. To be in a trap in a dream signifies that we feel we are trapped by outside circumstances. To be aware of trapping something or someone is attempting to hold on to them. To be trapping a butterfly is to be trying to capture the inner self. The mythology surrounding the princess in the ivory tower has resonance in both men's and women's dreams. A woman is often trapped by her own imperturbability and needs help to escape and a man needs to find and release his trapped feminine. Consult the entries for Box, Escape, Lock/Locked, Key, Keyhole and Tower as well as the information on Rooms in Buildings for further information.