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Interpretation of dream: Transport

In a spiritual sense transport is being carried from one state of consciousness to another. This change in consciousness is not necessarily by our own volition. Riding either a horse or a vehicle suggests that we are happy to have the changes take place. The lift in mood can just as easily be due to external circumstances such as a beautiful day or extreme emotion and this can be reflected in dreams. The type of transport used in dreams may suggest how we are moving through this particular stage of our lives. Previously the horse was used as an image to depict how we dealt with life, although nowadays the car, the aeroplane and other more modern forms of transport have been substituted. A vehicle that appears in our dreams often conforms with the view we hold of ourselves. For instance, we may be driving a very basic type of car or a Rolls-Royce. In today's modern world there are so many diverse means of transport that each has developed its own symbolism. Some of these are given below. Aeroplane an aeroplane suggests a swift easy journey with some attention to detail. We may be embarking on a new journey of discovery about ourselves or someone else. An airman or pilot is a romanticized picture of either the Animus or of the Self. You might also like to consult the individual entry for Aeroplane and the section on Archetypes in the Introduction for further information. Bicycle this suggests youth, freedom and movement without a supporting structure. With two wheels and, therefore, a symbol of duality, it can suggest the first forays into relationship and adult behaviour. Boats it will depend on what kind of boat is in the dream as to its interpretation. A ferry or piloted boat holds all the symbolism of the journey across the River Styx after death. Today it signifies the giving up of selfish desires. Having been able to do this, we may be ?reborn? into a better life, or way of living. A small rowing boat would suggest an expedition of emotional discovery but one often undertaken alone. A yacht might suggest a similar journey done with style, whereas a large ship would suggest creating new horizons but in the company of others. Early seafarers referred to their ships as ?she? largely, it is thought, because of the close dependence they had on them for life and because they were difficult to manage. Today ships have lost that personal association. What a boat does in the dream will have relevance as a reflection of our waking life, e.g. running aground, pulling into harbour etc. To dream of disembarking indicates the end of a project, successful or otherwise. If we dream of missing a boat it shows we have not paid enough attention to detail to a project in our waking lives. Also consult the individual entry for Boat/Ship. Bus a bus signifies that part of our life journey that we are able to undertake in the company of others. More public than private, we perhaps have a common aim with the people with whom we travel. Trouble with timetables, missing the bus, arriving too early, missing a connection all indicate we are not in control of our lives and perhaps should sit down and replan how we wish to continue. Dreaming of getting on the wrong bus, or it going the wrong way, shows that there are conflicting aims or desires that need to be considered and we should listen to our own intuition. This is usually a warning of a wrong action, and we do not need to get carried away. To dream of not being able to pay the fare signifies we do not have enough resources to set out on a particular course of action. It may be that we have not paid enough attention to detail. You may also like to consult the individual entry for Bus. Car/carriage/cart/chariot any wheeled vehicle is by tradition a reflection of us and how we handle life. Carts, chariots and carriages tend to have a more old-fashioned resonance, whereas a car is more up to date and in keeping with modern thinking. All such vehicles reflect the physical body, so anything wrong with the vehicle may alert us to a problem. A car in particular is a reflection of a person's self-image and possibly sexuality and indeed any part of a car has significance. The back tyres might suggest our support system, the steering wheel the way we control our lives and so on. If the brakes are not working we are not exercising proper control over our lives. Too many people in the car would suggest that we feel overloaded by responsibility. Also consult the entries for Car, Carriage/Cart/Chariot, Passenger and Wheel for additional information. Caravan or motor home a caravan that is static will represent temporary security on a small scale, being similar in meaning to hotel. A moveable caravan or motor home will have the same symbolism as that of a snail, in that we are able to carry our security with us, giving us a sense of freedom. Driving any sort of vehicle this symbolizes our self-control and awareness of how external circumstances can affect us. Engine this represents our basic motivation our instinctive drives and possibly the sexual impulse. If the engine is not working properly we are not able to summon up enough energy to go on. If the starter motor is not working this would suggest that we need help to start a project. It is for us to be able to translate the symbolism into our own lives. Also consult the individual entry for Engine. Lorry/Van a lorry or van in a dream will have the same significance as a car, except that the drives and ambitions will be connected more with our work and how we relate on a business basis to the world in general. Being towed by a lorry or vehicle more efficient than our own suggests we need some kind of assistance with our motivation. Motorbike the motorbike is a symbol of masculine youth and daring. In dreams it is an image of independent behaviour and a symbol of freedom. A group of Hell's Angels would suggest some kind of anarchical behaviour, which may or may not be appropriate. Trains a train will often highlight our attitude to social behaviour and relationships with other people. It will also clarify our attitude to ourselves. A steam train would suggest that we feel ourselves to be somewhat outdated and old-fashioned but still viable, whereas an up-to-date electric turbo might suggest speed and efficiency. Catching the train shows we have been successful in having outside circumstances co-operate with us in achieving a particular goal, whereas missing the train indicates we do not have the resources to enable us to succeed in an appropriate way, either because we have forgotten something or because we have not been sufficiently careful. We fear that we will miss an opportunity. Equally, we may feel that external circumstances are imposing an element of control over us. Often dreams of missing a train and then catching either it or a later one, suggest that we are managing our inner resources better. Dreams of missing a train, alternating with those of catching one, show we are trying to sort out our motivations. Getting off the train before its destination or it has reached a station implies we are afraid of succeeding at a particular project. We do not appear to be in control. Getting off the train before it starts suggests that we have changed our mind about a situation in waking life. Railway lines and tracks will have significance as ways of getting us to our destination. Being conscious of the way the track runs ahead may give us an inkling as to what direction we are going. Recognizing the signals up ahead would have the same significance. Coming off the rails might suggest doing something inappropriate or of not being in control. Not wanting to be on the train might indicate we feel we are being unduly influenced by outside circumstances. Arriving at a station indicates we have completed a stage of our life journey. We may be ready for a new relationship with the world in general. The carriages on a train suggest the various compartments or sections of our lives and the way we feel about them. For example, if a carriage is untidy or dirty, we are aware that we need to ?clean up? an aspect of our lives. Images of vehicles and methods of transport often represent either our physical body or our personality. If we are driving, we perhaps feel more in control of our own destiny. If a passenger, we feel others are trying to control our life. If we are with friends we may be aware of a group goal whereas if we do not know the other people we may need to explore our ability to make social relationships. Heavy traffic symbolizes external pressure and stress. Traffic accidents and offences can arise in dreams when we have perhaps not been paying sufficient attention to detail. We have offended a code of conduct that is important for our own safety. Consult the entries for Accident and Passenger for additional clarification.