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Interpretation of dream: Tower

The tower has duality in the spiritual sense, since it can be feminine in the shelter it affords and masculine because of its shape. It suggests ascent to the spiritual realms, but also descent to the practical. The inner aspects of the tower represent our inner life,whereas the outer signify the structure we present to the world. A tower in a dream usually represents the construction of our lives our inner attitude, outer life or both. The tower or tall building is such a rich source of imagery that it is feasible to give only the most easily identifiable. Familiarity with our own tower in the waking state will act as a trigger for many other potent images. Thus: To dream of a tower with no door suggests we are out of touch with our inner selves. A tower with no windows signifies that we are unable to see and appreciate either our external good points or our inner ones. An ivory tower suggests an innocent approach. A square tower signifies a practical approach to life, whereas a round tower is more spiritually geared. A round tower at the end of a square building is the combination of the practical and spiritual. From a mundane perspective if we are to live life as fully as we can, we need to understand our own tower. In dreams it may appear initially as far away and later coming closer. How we get into the tower is also important. Shallowsteps indicate that we have easy access to our inner self. More difficult steps suggest that we are fairly private individuals. If the door is barred or particularly difficult to open we are not yet ready to explore our unconscious self. If the door is closed we must make an effort to get in. If inside the tower is dark, we are still afraid of our subconscious. The hidden room in the tower would have the same significance as in a house. Also consult the entries for Escape, Rescue, Shapes and Trap/Trapped as well as the information on Tower in Buildings for further clarification.