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Interpretation of dream: Torpedo

A torpedo is symbolic of spiritual directness. In terms of being able to home in on its target, the torpedo suggests directed energy. Since a torpedo passes through water to reach its target, the symbolism is of using emotion as a means to an end. This may be the type of honest getting to the point which we can do with friends, or it may be a warning that such directness could be harmful or upsetting. In dreams the torpedo may signify destructive power, often unrecognized until too late. In waking life we may ?expect the unexpected? though, as a torpedo is a missile, there will have been an element of pre-planning in that unexpectedness. The torpedo, because of its shape, has obvious connections with masculine aggressiveness and will have this significance in both men's and women's dreams. It will depend on whether we are on the receiving end or are firing it. Rather obviously, men are more likely to be firing a torpedo, whilst women will be receiving it. You might also like to consult the entries for Submarine, Target and War.