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Interpretation of dream: Torch

We may feel that we need some spiritual guidance, and this can sometimes be symbolized as a torch. A searchlight, in pinpointing and lighting the way ahead, enables us to reject the unnecessary. A torch can be used not only for ourselves, but also for other people. Dreaming of a torch shows we can have the confidence to know that, because of our own knowledge, we have the ability to see the way forward. A searchlight, being more focused, can symbolize the insights we need. In dreams, a torch can represent self-confidence. It can also suggest the need to be able to move forward, but at the same time carry our own light. Firebrands, having an open flame, will have the same symbolism as fire, whereas a battery torch signifies a more contained energy. If a searchlight or torch is trained on us we need to consider our actions and behaviour and whether they are appropriate. You might also like to consult the entries for Fire and Light.